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Sustainability audit and consultation services.

With so many misconceptions and so much misinformation surrounding the topic of sustainability, it is hard for business owners and operators to know where to start sometimes. First and foremost, you have to understand and measure your current position, then you can build a smart plan around what efforts make sense for your business. 

Let me help!

I will evaluate your sustainability position using all three areas of importance; Environmental, Social, & Fiscal. Once we have evaluated your current position, I will make recommendations for any changes that might make sense for your business. We will work together to build a smart plan around the needs of your business.

Being sustainable simply means you will be able to run a thriving business for as long as you endeavor to do so. Unless you are running a pop-up experience, we should all strive to build sustainable businesses. 

Let me help you thrive.

Tech Made Easy for Hospitality Professionals

Let me train you and/or your team on some super easy ways to put technology to work for you and your business.

We will evaluate several digital productivity tools that will help you get back some of your valuable time. together, we will dive into a few of what I think are the best things to come along since the first coffee bean was roasted, and learn how to apply them to your life and your business. You will learn how to use these tools in real time and come away with some great tips and tricks on how to put them to use.

Learning to use new tech tools can be daunting, overwhelming and downright exhausting. My goal will be to make it easy, make it fun, and get you back to your life.

Technology should be a tool to make your life easier and help you run your business better. Let’s work together to get you there.

Speaking Topics Targeted to the Hospitality Industry

  • Sustainability Re-Defined: Smart stewardship for long term success.Why it matters

With so many misconceptions surround the topic of sustainability , we’ll explore a better understanding of our eco-footprint and how minimize the footprint for your business, events and life. We will discuss sustainability as it relates to money, people, planet, andyes, garbage – It’s not sexy, but it does get a little dirty!

  • How to Cook a UnicornTackling trends that matter

Do you get overwhelmed with constant requests for clients that want something “NEW”?

Chase what matters and ignore the chatter.

  • LeadershipIn the language of Hospitality

Tackling leadership and culture in a way that makes sense to the hospitality industry.

A leadership model that works for our world.

  • Team EngagementBuilding and keeping great teams

The labor market is the tightest we have ever seen. We are topped out on wages. Customers won’t pay more…

How do we attract the right people and keep them around? 

Aaron Speaking
  • Motivation & Education

I have developed conversations around multiple topics: Sustainability, Food & Beverage Trend discussions, Hospitality Leadership, Team Engagement, Retention & Recruitment, and more. I would love to come speak to your group or put together a workshop to help you tackle these challenging areas. 

  • Event Design & Planning

Meetings and events can be an important part of building or maintaining a thriving business. A well executed meeting or event can drive growth to the top line, deliver quality training, ensure teams build meaningful connections, and deliver important messaging to your community and customers. Our event team is here to ensure your meetings and events drive success for your business.

Idea bulb
  • Consultation & Collaboration

This is where the good stuff happens. Together we can do more, see more, learn more, and be more. I would love to connect with you and learn about your challenges and successes. Let’s see what we can do to let you and your business THRIVE.